“Ekklesia” And The “Agape Love” Bible Translation

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Give A Helping Hand To The Helpless

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Look around you at the world filled with hatred one for the other, the entire world needs the true and the free Ekklesia Bible translation. We agape love you. Please register for free and join together with us and tell us what you think of this Ekklesia Bible translation. If you like, help us to give this free Ekklesia Bible translation to the entire world.

In seventeen hundred years there is no true translated Bible like the Ekklesia Bible translation. The Ekklesia Bible is fulfilling  this prophecy of Daniel 7:25,  and restoring to the world the laws of God, restoring astronomical miracles of set times to worship and removing names of blasphemy discovered in all the most popular Bible translations. The Ekklesia Bible restores the power to the gospel of Christ to convince the Bible is from God. Don’t just Read this true Ekklesia Bible translation but make analytical Bible studies such as the death burial and the true resurrection moment of the Christ and stand amazed at the power of truth to convince the Bible is from God.

This Ekklesia Bible translations removes from the most popular Bible translations the rights in their Bible translations,  to persecute, torture and murder those that oppose their church doctrines of the Catholic church and all protestant churches.

Look at true history, Christians are still hating one another and still killing one another.  Millions of professing Christians through their false “Church” Bible translations.  millions  have been  persecuted, tortured and some burned alive a the stake by both protestants and the Catholic church just for being different from their church doctrines (instruction they make the claim to be from their God). 

The Ekklesia Bible translation proves that the Ekklesia of Christ is established by God and the Ekklesia of Christ is not like any kind of any “church.”  The word “church’ is a false translated name of blasphemy. The God of the Bible did not establish and kind of any church.   No church member has the rights to create and hold  hatred, persecute, torture or murder anyone just because they hold a different religion.

History proves The Roman Emperor Constantine in the early fourth century  started the Catholic church and stopped conduct of Ekklesia and it is only false Bible translations that has started all daughter churches in the entire world.

If the entire world could only read the Ekklesia Bible. Imagine if, the entire world read The Ekklesia Bible translations and every person in the entire world obey the command to create in their hearts (from the seat of your human emotions) create “Agape love,” A genuine benevolent care for the welfare for God and for every other person on planet earth.

Then a world filled only with Agape love and without hatred, this entire world would be near like living in Heaven on earth.

Please Download the free Ekklesia Bible translation from this site. In the Ekklesia Bible learn about the God like “agape love” in first Corinthians chapter 13. The Bible translations is a true “Dynamic equivalent” or “thought for thought” Bible translation. We admit this entire Bible translation needs grammatical refining to the modern English by the help of the entire Ekklesia of Christ.

Then study what “agape love” is in this Ekklesia Bible project.  You will be glad that you did.

In the command, Learn how to “Agape Love” your Enemy that is hating you (Matthew 5:44).”

Tell your friends (and tell your enemies) about this site and the Ekklesia Bible project.


4 responses to ““Ekklesia” And The “Agape Love” Bible Translation”

  1. TeresaRostek Avatar

    I love the Ekklesia Bible! It is a true Translation of the Word of God! Without it I would never know the exact moment of the resurection of our Lord Jesus Christ! Now I know that my Lord resurrected in the evening of Day One of the seventh which falls on our modern Saturday night! Now I know the moment when all of us should worship Him! Let the whole world worship Him at that moment! Thank you for the true translation of the Bible!

  2. Eve Griffin Avatar
    Eve Griffin

    Now that I have the website address, I am looking forward to reading the material.

  3. Eve Griffin Avatar
    Eve Griffin

    I am looking forward to reading the material now that I have the Website address.

  4. pwdehne Avatar

    Peter Dehne love to study the Ekklesia Holy Bible as truly bible translation need to change better and true name of Ekklesia;Ekklesian;Ekklesiai;Ekklesias;Ekklesion and Ekklesiais to put and write on the verses of the Ekklesia Bible. With agape love from Peter Dehne

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