2Pet 3:8 One Day of God to a human is like thousands of years.
Genesis There is no sun on the first three days of creation. Then in all the Bible there is no day called Sunday.  All creation days of God are -not a measure from the sun. The sun is created for solar days only for earth creatures. One day of creation is measured with the eye of God but not a measure of the sun, moon or stars, A Day of God is to the eye of a human like thousands of years but to God thousands of years are like a human three hour watch in the night. The dark was created first. A Solar day made for humans must copy the order of creation. The solar day is made with only one rotation of the earth, with the eye measure first dark to the end of light  from the sun. -To Change this order will wreck the gospel of Christ and every miracle of astronomical signs that God has made in the entire Bible. The Ekklesia Bible project is fulfilling prophecy and restoring Bible “Set Times” of God
God Did Not Invent The Clock To start his Bible Day