Bible Solar Time vs. Pagan Sidereal Time

Did you know that all popular Bibles are mistranslated in the pagan sidreal time mode?  Sidereal time is created first by the ancient Pagans as a religion of the seven sky gods of the week.  Without an instrument to measure sidereal time then you are dead in the water to be able to measure any pagan sidereal time.  


Without the made instruments to measure sidereal time you have only your eye and your brain to measure any Bible time. Before there ever was a man made instrument to measure time the beginning of the entire Bible was written to measure Bible time and every set time event of God only with the human eye. Beware the entire Bible is written only in the natural time mode.


Agape beloved the entire world of holy people of God have been deceived for hundreds of years about the true resurrection moment of the Christ.


To correctly translate the Bible in the natural solar time mode the Christ is recorded to resurrect at dusk on day one of the Sabbaton. In the pagan sidereal time mode the resurrection moment is the time parallel to dusk at the end of the sky god Saturn or the resurrection of the Christ is on the pagan sidereal Saturday night. Saturday is the sidereal week day of the sky god Saturn a wicked sky god the sidereal week day that kills and eats humans.


In the entire Bible the ancient holy people understood all Bible days are number named and the Bible day starts naturally at sunset and the Bible day ends at the next consecutive sunset.


Holy Bible believers have been deceived by mistranslating the resurrection moment of the Christ at sun rising of the sun god on Sunday the first day of the sidereal week days of the seven pagan sky gods. 


The Catholic Church is the first to teach a Bible sunrise resurrection of the Christ in the ancient pagan religion of keeping the first sidereal week day of the first of the seven pagan sky gods or on a Sunday morning.  Take careful note; in all of nature there is nothing in nature that is related to the Sidereal hours, minutes and seconds.


Take note for lovers of Bible truth and for the most strict or the most conservative of all Bible students for your eternal salvation make certain to study true Bible time mode. There will never again be a translated Bible that can have success over the false teaching of atheism and Bible agnosticism as long as modern Bible translators continue to mistranslate a sunrise resurrection of the Christ in the pagan religion of the sidereal time mode into their false translated Bibles.


Pagan Sidereal (the artificial measure of a god star) time is kept by giving glory and honor to names of distant gods of the stars. Each pagan sidereal day is given the name of different sky gods of the week.   Because while time is being counted the Earth is moving in its orbit around the Sun, the Earth must rotate more than 360 degrees in one solar day.


Sidereal time mode of Sunday is mistranslated in Bibles and has worked to deceive the holy people of God for near seven hundred years.  Today it is proven scientific facts of the new information age is revealing that there is pagan superstition that is being mistranslated in modern popular Bibles.  I will show you how the mistranslating the false sidereal time mode into Bibles to get a sunrise resurrection moment of the Christ today is part of what is making Billions of unbelievers in the Bible.


 In the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries members of the Catholic Church make the first Bible translations into the English and they twist the Bible translation records to make the resurrection of Christ appear to parallel their false teaching in their Catholic Catechism. See how the Catholic archbishop Steven Langton will misplace chapter number of Mark 16:1.  Langton will move the purchase of spices from out of the end of the 15th chapter of Mark and then place the purchase of spices as the beginning of chapter 16th of Mark so the purchase of spices will be made to appear to be a part of a sun rise resurrection of the Christ.  The women would not be purchasing spices after midnight to put on the dead body of the Christ if other records say Christ has resurrected before midnight.   The purpose was to make the record of the purchase of spices appear to be after midnight of Sunday and to cause a sunrise resurrection of the Christ.   The actual purchase of the Spices by these same women was made before the seventh day Sabbath see Luke 23:56.


Here is how the end of Mark chapter 15 should read and how the beginning of Mark chapter 16 should read. The Ekklesia Bible translation. Mark {15:48} And when the [Passover] Sabbath was past, Maria Magdalene, and Maria the [mother] of James, and Salome, bought spices, that they might come and anoint him.  (*see parallel record of Luke 23:56)


{N2)16} Mark 16. Chapter Sixteen. {16:1} And very early [morning] when [day] One of the Sabbaton [is half past], they [the women] come to the tomb when the sun was risen. 


The new information age is revealing pagan doctrine is written in false translated Bibles in the sidereal time mode which is just one of the main causes for the great falling away of millions of Bible believers and the closing of "the church of Christ" doors by the thousands.


To allow your Bible to be mistranslated in the pagan religion of the sidereal time mode will make a total wreck out of the gospel of Christ by wrecking every "time prophecy" about God and about the Christ. Sidereal time mode when mistranslated in Bibles gives fodder to the Atheist and the Bible Agnostics that use new proven scientific facts of the new information age to make the Bible appear to be nothing more than a pagan philosophy and just another pagan superstition.


 The true Bible natural occurring solar day is an entirely different measure of a day from the ancient pagan religion of the artificial sidereal solar day that is now mistranslated in all the more popular Bibles for near seven hundred years.


The true Bible solar day is measured to start from twilight of the evening of the sun.


The ancient pagan religion of Sidereal (a star god) time keeping of the seven pagan sky gods of the seven week days of the Sidereal time measures the rotation of our planet relative to the star gods.   Take careful note the Sidereal day is started at midnight from a chosen north star and not from the sun as in the Bible natural time mode of the natural occurring Bible solar day that starts at dusk of the evening.


Starting in the twelfth century CE the Archbishop Stephen Langton and the fourteenth century John Wycliffe both were members of the Catholic church that were very clever as they were the first to very ingeniously twist and manipulate the Bible records to mistranslate the resurrection of the Christ into the pagan sidereal time mode to violate the Bible records.  The purpose was to twist chapter and verse numbers in the Bible to make a sunrise resurrection to fit the false sun rise resurrection of the teaching of the Catholic Catechism.  The Catholic purpose of adding the sidereal time mode to the Bible records was to make the Bible of the Protestants to read the same as the Catholic catechism. Catholics do not read or live by the teaching of the Bible. It was the purpose of members of the Catholic Church to make the Protestants that believe and live by their Bibles to read and believe the resurrection moment of the Christ is the same as is written in the false Catholic catechism. With paganism written into the Bible translations of the Protestants the Protestants could not accuse the Catholic church of teaching paganism and a false resurrection of the Christ in their catechism.


 The natural Bible Solar Day is the time it takes for the Earth to rotate about its axis so that the Sun appears in the same position in the sky.


The ancient pagans made the sidereal day a pagan religion and gave names of seven sky gods to give glory and honor to each of the sky gods of the seven sidereal days.   The sidereal day is ~4 minutes shorter than the Bible natural solar day. The sidereal day is the time it takes for the Earth to complete one rotation about its axis but starting artificially with a clock from midnight with respect to the 'fixed' stars.


Here is a fact that you must not overlook. The pagan sidereal day must be measured from two revolutions of two Bible solar days to get two different dark periods. In the sidereal time mode there is measured the after midnight the first morning dark period. Then the light period will separate the two dark periods and after the light period will get the evening dark period. Take note the true Bible solar day has no after midnight "morning" or  in the entire Bible there is no "Early yet it was dark" time period as it is falsely mistranslated in John 20:1.  After midnight in the natural Bible day is later in the night until sunrise.


The true Bible solar day is measured first with only one revolution of the earth upon it axis to get only one whole dark period followed by only one whole light period.


 Read the Ekklesia Bible to see a translated Bible that removes all the Catholic pagan time keeping and words and names of blasphemy from out of the Ekklesia Bible translation. Agape