About Ekklesia Bible Project

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Ekklesia Bible project will make your world a better place. 

Learn what are the world of differences between what is the purpose of the established hot militant warfare of Ekklesia (against the gates of hell)  when compared to the false Bible translated passive word meaning a “church.”

Ekklesia Bible project is an open Bible translation that invites collaborators from the most scholarly of Bible students for a single purpose to untie and keep united the Saints of God through the established warfare of Ekklesia.

Ekklesia is established by God to deliberate every dispute about doctrine (instructions from God)  and make the Ekklesia Bible the best and most trusted free online Bible translation.

There is no open Bible translation like the Ekklesia Bible in the entire world.  The Ekklesia Bible translation makes this bold statement, this Bible translation will not tolerate false Bible translations but will open this Bible translation for dispute and deliberation to give this Bible translation for free to become the most trusted Bible translation in the entire world.

We believe for a fact the majority of the Saints of God love to know what truth in Bible translation is. We believe the future of all the majority of the Saints of God will eventually unite and come to the truth of the Ekklesia Bible translation for their doctrine (Instructions from God in teaching how we will be saved).

Now you know when we say we open the Ekklesia Bible for dispute as a free down Bible translation, we make a world of enemies by people that make money from off  from their false translated Bibles.

There is a world of People that hate a Bible translation that shows God giving commands as prerequisites before they can be saved. These people hate the truth of the Ekklesia Bible that is teach salvation that is just the opposite of their Bible translations and they also will become the most hated Enemy of the Ekklesia Bible translation.

 In such an Ekklesia Bible translation will be in some Bible translation entirely different in doctrine or instruction from any other Bible translation in the entire world.  Then we have need to open the Ekklesia Bible for dispute and for deliberation and then allow the Entire Saints in the majority of members of the Ekklesia to decide what is the Best Bible translation for our salvation,

If God trust His Ekklesia then we also should trust the function of Ekklesia to make the best and most trusted Bible translation.

Be wise and For truth and your salvation, Educate self in the ancient languages of the Bible from the true Ekklesia Bible translation project.

The original Ekklesia Bible translation will always remain the same and always will be made public on this web site for all to see the original Ekklesia Bible translation. All major updates of doctrine (as instructions from God) in Changes of doctrine from the original will be recorded and dated.

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