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Introduction Gestalt – A False Bible translation will rob you of eternal life. Compare “Ekklesia” The only Bible that separates from the words and names of blasphemy that are not written in the ancient languages of the Bible but are found only in the Catholic catechism and all the more Popular Bible translations and the not so popular MLV is just another Bible promoting the Catholic Catechism.

Short Speaking Introduction

  Free Download Ekklesia Bible in Microsoft Word (long introduction and translation notes.)

Free Download The Ekklesia Bible in HTML 

Free Download Ekklesia Bible In Rich Text

To Listen To The Ekklesia New Testament

Download and hear the Ekklesia Bible New Testament toggle this link https://ekklesiabibleproject.com/hear-the-ekklesia-bible/

A Registration On This Web Site

A Registration on this Ekklesia Bible project website does not mean to say that you agree with every translation made in the Ekklesia Bible. To register on this Ekklesia website is simply meaning you are willing to take a stand and to speak up for what you believe to be truth. That “standing up” for what you believe is the purpose God establishes for His Ekklesia.

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