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Agape Beloved Take Note.  The Ekklesia Bible puts the end to a world of differences between proven scientific facts and the Bible simply by removing false Bible translations made in the sidereal time mode that is mistranslated in all the most popular Bibles. No one has challenged the Ekklesia Bible to debate the change in translation from the sidereal time mode to restoring in the Ekklesia Bible to the natural time mode.

 Restoring the Bible to the natural time mode completely removes the greatest conflict between proven scientific facts of Science and the Bible.  Some scientist may not believe in God or the Bible but now all scientists are teaching the same truth in proven scientific facts that are written in the Ekklesia Bible translation. We seriously do not believe anyone would challenge this restoration of the natural time mode in the Ekklesia Bible.

Study to see the true resurrection moment of the Christ in the Ekklesia Bible when correctly translated in the natural time mode. Mat 28:1; Mark 16:1; Luke 24:1; John 20:1; Hebrews 1:5-9. Agape

Agape Beloved If your are a Bible Student discover for your eternal salvation why Bible translators hate the Bible word “Ekklesia.” There are only two Bibles translations in the entire world with the true transliterated Bible word “Ekklesia.” The Latin Vulgate Bible of the Catholic Church is the transliterated Latin word “Ecclesiam” and the Ekklesia Bible on this web site. Because rulers of the Catholic church hate the purpose the warfare of the Ekklesia of Christ (“Ecclesiam”) written near a hundred times in their Bible then why should you be made to hate the purpose of the true Bible word “Ekklesia?” The main purpose of Ekklesia of Christ is to protect the Law or the interpretation of the Bible from the gates of hell (Mat 16:18). The Bible Ekklesia has the same main purpose to protect the interpretation of the law for the ancient Greeks in Athens Greece. Know for certain if Bible translators hate the Bible word Ekklesia they have something dreadful to hide in their false Bible translation.

Contact information for the Ekklesia Bible at this address;  Will Wade at gospelmentor2@gmail.com

Hit count in from January 2021, Last edit July 02, 2021. Why you need this Ekklesia Bible translation. Take note the entire Ekklesia Bible is a Bible translation in the natural time mode the same as the Latin Vulgate Bible of the Catholic Church. Both Bibles are translated from out of the ancient languages of the Bible that was -written only in the Natural time mode. This Ekklesia Bible is the only Bible in the entire world in English that is correctly translated only in the natural time mode. All other Bibles are mistranslated in the sidereal time mode or the “weekdays” of the seven pagan sky gods. Every holy person of God should very easily download for free the Ekklesia Bible translation to cross-reference any important Bible translations. Research the sidereal week-days of the seven pagan sky gods from the natural solar days and you will see why you need this true Ekklesia Bible translation. Second download option is a PDF File. Download the file by toggling the arrow pointing down at top right of PDF file. Agape

Below is the Ekklesia Bible Free Download in the HTML

PDF Last Edit July 02-2021. Study the resurrection moment in this translation. Matthews 28;1; Mark 16:1; Luke 24:1; John 20:1; Hebrews 1:5-9). This same Bible translation in PDF Download and study close. Look close this our attempt to show the world of difference between truth in a translated Bible that is the differences between heaven and hell. All other Bible translations that are translated into the pagan sidereal time mode of the weekdays of the seven pagan sky gods like your modern pagan civil calendar also is in -sidereal week days of the seven pagan sky gods.

To download look below at top of the page to the right and toggle the arrow pointing down.

Next Read This Very Important Information about this Ekklesia Bible translation Below

Agape beloved, Look, now a free download of the smallest foot so you can easily self-print from home the Ekklesia Bible. Take an adventure and print your own Bible. About 400 pages when you print both sides. Loose bind to switch pages for upgrades until certain you have as perfect a Bible translation as you can get. We the Ekklesia of Christ are in the progress of restoring the Ekklesia Bible to the entire world.

Below is Ekklesia Bible in HTML picture Illustrations do not show .

Our Introduction Gestalt -This Ekklesia Bible is not like any other Bible that translated first by the Catholic Church for protestants. This Ekklesia Bible is closer to one of the Best Bible translations ever made the original Latin Vulgate Bible of the Catholic Church. Example there is no word “church” written in the Latin Vulgate Bible. The Latin word “Ecclesiam” is written in the Latin Vulgate Bible and the word “Ekklesia” is written in the Ekklesia Bible. The word “Sabbati” is written in the Latin Vulgate and the Greek word “Sabbaton” is transliterated in the Ekklesia Bible because these is no word equivalent in the English for the Greek Bible word “Sabbaton.” The Sidereal “week’ of the seven pagan sky gods is not a word equivalent for the “Sabbaton” (see Greek Septuagint Leviticus 23:32b).

The Ekklesia Bible is truly open for any dispute about any instructions written in this Bible translation. The Ekklesia Bible is the codified and written with thousands of electronic coding for the most true and amazing electronic Bible translation of the future. This Ekklesia Bible is being made so the teacher or preacher can speak or write a command to the Ekklesia Bible and the Bible will speak a verse, verses, a chapter or a book and or at the same time will write on the screen and will speak reading verses out loud to the audience. This Bible will illustrate with pictures and even detailing positions on maps. The preacher can speak to command this Bible to speak verse numbers or command this Bible to illustrate the crucifixion or can be told to read or not to read. Eventually, we hope to also add all kinds of electronic illustrations to this Bible as it is reading Bible verses. We invite your dispute about any instructions written in this Ekklesia Bible. If you have any dispute about instructions (Doctrine) written in the Ekklesia Bible, we promise we will not shut you down and say “you are just being argumentative.” The purpose of Ekklesia is to settle our disputes over important Bible translations so we can unite as the Holy People of God. A False Bible translation will rob you of eternal life. Compare “Ekklesia” the only Bible that separates from the words and names of blasphemy that are not written in the ancient languages of the Bible but are found only in the Catholic Catechism and all the more Popular Bible translations. Words found mistranslated in Bibles such as the not so popular MLV Bible is just another Bible promoting words from out of the Catholic Catechism. We tried to reason with the translators of the MLV Bible but they shut us down as just being argumentative. In time we will come together with all holy people of God.

Hear This Short Speaking Introduction about the “Artificial” or the false “Sidereal” time mode of the week days of the seven pagan sky gods that is mistranslated in near all other Bible translations. Set your mind to save yourself and learn the difference in the true Bible natural time mode from the pagan sidereal time mode. On the internet run a search for the Sidereal time mode.

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Do You Let Devils Translate Your Bible?

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Take note “The false Bible translation made in the “The Artificial time mode” in astronomy this is the artificial measure of the “sidereal solar day.” Most Bible students know nothing of true Bible astronomy.

Fulfill prophecy and Restore in Bible translations the Ekklesia of Christ.

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Again we must shut down registration. We love our enemies but not their advertising our our web site and making other problems. A Registration on this Ekklesia Bible project website does not mean to say that you most agree with every translation made in the Ekklesia Bible. To register on this Ekklesia website is simply meaning you are willing to take a stand and to speak up for what you believe to be true. That “standing up” for what you believe is the purpose God establishes for His Ekklesia.

We are trying to Allow registration open deliberation again. Agape Contact gospelmentor@yahoo.com

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