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Agape Beloved; No donation needed here. All files here are free. We believe this Ekklesia Bible translation to be the most important to remain free.

Because of serious violations after allowing over six thousand registrations on this site. We are forced by our enemies to stop registrations on this site. We are sorry but we do not have the money or the know-how to stop malignant warfare from our enemies that hate the Ekklesia Bible and they register just to make a wreck out of our Ekklesia Bible website.

“Ekklesia” is warfare in a polemic debate. No Bible translation is true that will not open to public scrutiny. A room must be made for dispute and for discussions for those that disagree on any important subject of our salvation We believe you have a right to open a public dispute on any part of the instructions written in the Ekklesia Bible translation. We are open source and to prove we are open to deliberate this Bible translation. We are creating a special public debate website just to prove to you the Ekklesia Bible translation is the only true Bible translation. Keep in touch.

Agape beloved, Look, now a free download of the smallest foot so you can easily self-print from home the Ekklesia Bible.

Below is Ekklesia Bible in HTML picture Illustrations do not show .

Above Ekklesia Bible in PDF is a better file for printing illustrations

This coming file below will beach collate to Print Small Book

Introduction Gestalt -This Bible translation is truly an open Bible translation. We invite your dispute. If you have a dispute about instructions written in the Ekklesia Bible, we promise we will not shut you down and say “you are just being argumentative.” The purpose of Ekklesia is to settle our disputes so we can unite as the Holy People of God.

A False Bible translation will rob you of eternal life. Compare “Ekklesia” The only Bible that separates from the words and names of blasphemy that are not written in the ancient languages of the Bible but are found only in the Catholic catechism and all the more Popular Bible translations and the not so popular MLV Bible is just another Bible promoting words from the Catholic Catechism.

Short Speaking Introduction.

Free Download The Ekklesia Bible in HTML 

Free Download Ekklesia Bible In Rich Text


To Listen To The Ekklesia New Testament

Download and Listen the Entire Ekklesia Bible New Testament. Just toggle this link below.


Do You Let Devils Translate Your Bible?

Listen to Article #1 Do you let Devil translate your Bible? You can download by toggling the three dots.

Take note “The false Bible mistranslation made in the “The Artificial time mode” in astronomy is the artificial measure of the “sidereal solar day.” Most Bible students know nothing of true Bible astronomy.

Fulfill prophecy and Restore in Bible translations the Ekklesia of Christ.

A Registration On This Web Site

A Registration on this Ekklesia Bible project website does not mean to say that you agree with every translation made in the Ekklesia Bible. To register on this Ekklesia website is simply meaning you are willing to take a stand and to speak up for what you believe to be truth. That “standing up” for what you believe is the purpose God establishes for His Ekklesia.

We are trying to Allow registration again. Agape gospelmentor@yahoo.com

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