An Ekklesia Hymn

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Lyrics for this Ekklesia Hymn

Words For The Song “Ekklesia.”

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(Tune: Forever Young)

Well I’ve seen a woman whose beauty is beyond compare
Her garments are eternal and glory shines through her hair
She’s a Bride without blemish, she is holy, pure, and true
She’s the woman God has dreamed of, fragrant with
heaven’s due
And she is radiant with Life
A holy city, the Lamb’s Wife
She’s Ekklesia (Ekklesia), she’s Ekklesia (Ekklesia)

Well she’s making herself ready for the marriage of the
Lamb her Groom
And she is clothed with His image in the newness of
And for her hand He was crucified
And in His bosom she’ll abide
She’s Ekklesia (Ekklesia), she’s Ekklesia (Ekklesia)

Ekk-le-sia, Ekk-le-sia