Did God Use A Clock To Tell Time?

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Only Pagans translate pagan time keeping into the Bible records for other Pagans

Did God Use A Clock to Tell His Bible Time?

Christ resurrected at “dusk” of the day Mia Sabbaton and this true Bible solar day is not measured with a clock.   I have a standing offer especially for any pagan worshiper of a “Sunday,” show in the ancient manuscripts of the Bible records where God has any solar day that requires His solar resurrection day of the Christ day must be measured with a clock and I will reward you immediately with one thousands dollars. 

Put up or shut up, teaching lies from false Bible translations that teach translated lies that Christ resurrected on the pagan week day of Sunday. Sunday of the week day must be measured with a clock.  

It is a false Bible translations that is teaching the God of the Bible has a solar “week” day or a “month of weeks.”

In the true Bible record  there is no word equivalent for the English pagan word “week” of “the seven sky gods.”   Guaranteed only a pagan worshiper will fight to keep the pagan word “week” or the pagan word “month’ of weeks that is mistranslated in his false
translated Bible. Christ did not resurrect on any part of the Sabbath day neither did he resurrect on any part of a pagan Sunday.

For certain “All pagan Christians” that fight to keep the pagan day of the sun god are all  going to same place.

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