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Ekklesia Bible Project Reveals “Doctors” of Bible Quackery.

The false Doctrine (instruction making the claim to be from God) of the devils are terrified to open their assemblies to dispute and to deliberate before their assemblies the differences in Bible quackery. If there is any that refuse to open their assemblies to the warfare of Ekklesia to reason differences through the God established Ekklesia, then know for certain they have something dreadful in their doctrine that is nothing more than quackery.

The Bible doctors of duck test in ab-ductive reasoning;

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

No one can honestly deny That there is a world of Doctors of Bible Quackery that exist and there is the  more scholarly Bible View made by the doctors of “Quackery.”

It is a Fact that Ducks’ quacks are not according to DNA instinct, but Duck Quacks are influenced and is changed by the duck environment. The Duck will communicate  their quack in their own different regional accents.

New born ducks deceive self and take imprint on the characteristics of the first moving creature they see.  When Baby ducks grow up they will in deceive self into thinking they are that first creature they see.

Bible teachers of quackery never cease to amaze.  Did you ever see to prove a point in doctrine, the Bible teacher to get support for his teaching instructions from God, he will give a reference to a Catholic doctor, another point  supported by a Baptist doctor and another point from a Presbyterian doctor.  The same Bible teacher in his judgment as A member of “the church of Christ” he believes everyone of the doctors he has supporting his Bible teaching, he believes they are all going to hell but he will accept all their teaching of all three as his Bible doctors for his instructions from God.

There is a world of Bible doctors of quackery and be certain that you do not choose the world full of the wrong doctors of the false Bible translations and false Bible instructions. For certain when you deceive self and  choose “quackery” for you salvation you will never be healed.

Does this make good sense to -not believe in the religion of the people that are translating your Bible and even reason that they are going to hell but you will accept their false Bible translations? Do you know the religion of your Bible translator -s? All the most popular Bible translations have some Catholic Catechism mistranslated in their Bible translations and their Bible translation in instructions of all the most popular Bible translation will make you a part Catholic. (We welcome dispute on this or any other subject about instructions from God. The purpose of Ekklesia, We or anyone teaching Bible instructions on this Ekklesia project web site are open for dispute on this site on anything we teach as instructions from God.)

All religions have their most trusted Doctors and scholarly theologians that are making Bible translation  and  all different religious  Doctors of the Bible are teaching  completely opposite in their instructions making the claim only they each  teach thousands of different instructions in what they claim to be the only true instructions from God.

Note This record is teaching the need to keep Only true or lawful instructions from God that will save self.

1Timothy {4:16} Take heed to yourself, and to the instructions. Continue in these things; for in doing these [legal or lawful works] you shall save both yourself and them that hear you. 

Do you believe this Bible translation made in the “dynamic equivalent” or “thought for thought” to be true? Is this instruction that saves self from Paul is giving from the Holy Spirit? For your eternal life, Does this statement teach truth or the state of the case? Does this statement prove that Paul believes that legal or lawful works are needed that will save self?

Is there anyone that denies that “only  Legal or lawful instructions from God will save self?” Who will defend that Paul is suggesting “illegal” or ‘unlawful’ instructions made by false Bible “doctors” or from false Bible “scholars” will also save self.

 Then any reasonable Bible student can easily reason with all the multitude of  different doctors of the Bible so called Bible scholars all giving completely opposite instructions and each one making the claim they have the only true instructions from God. Then for certain we can reason ninety nine percent of all “Different” Bible so called Bible doctors and Bible scholars are teaching nothing more than Bible Quackery. Use your good sense of smart reasoning what truth is or what the state of the case is for your salvation.

As a Bible student if your really do agape love God and His truth and you really do want to be saved, then it becomes your responsibility for your salvation to choose only true instruction from God and totally separate self from the world of false Bible doctors and false Bible scholars of nothing more than “Bible quackery.”

 The difference in a word of Quack doctors and Quack Bible scholars of the Bible teaching Quack, they all make the claim only they are giving the only true instructions from God.  This world of doctors of “Quackery” taught by so called Bible Quacks is to the novice Bible Student totally is mind boggling to discover fro all false Bible translations and false teaching what truth is needed to be saved. 

 If you have a Bible teacher or “doctor” that is teaching different instructions from what is being taught from the Ekklesia Bible Project,  be smart and demand that your Bible doctor or teacher come to this site and defend his Bible teaching on this site. We welcome anyone that teach a different instructions from the Ekklesia Bible making the claim their instructions (Greek Catechism or doctrine) is from God. We will agape love anyone or we will create in our hearts or hold a genuine benevolent care for their eternal welfare for anyone, even when they understand Bible instructions from God to be totally different from us.

The Catholic church have their doctors of their religion supposedly based from the Bible that are in their reasoning from their Bible in complete opposition to doctors and scholars  of the protestant View.

The Mormons have their Bible doctors and their Bible scholars that teach different instructions from all other Bible religions. Dare them to come to this site and defend their book of Mormon id nothing more that Bible Quackery though God established Ekklesia and try to prove their instructions from God is nothing more than quackery.

The Jehovah’s witnesses have their “Watch Tower Society” of so called Bible doctors and Bible Scholars that are in teaching their Bible instructions from God is completely opposite to all other Bible translations from so called Bibles scholars. Jehovah’s witnesses hate the name “Church” and they also hate the word definition for the established Ekklesia of God.The Jehovah’s Witnesses are terrified of the purpose of Ekklesia that God has established to stop Bible quackery that cause division. With the threat of atomic bomb you will never get a Jehovah’s witness to open their assembly to deliberate their difference in doctrine through the purpose of Ekklesia.

We can easily see The world is filled to the full of “doctors of Bible Quackery”  and there is a world of  “scholars of only Bible quack” with so called Bible doctors and Bible scholars that the world of “Bible Doctors of Quack.”  Beware, The quack of  Bible doctors  will lead your spirit into the gates of  hell and forever out of the presence of God.

So what Quack of a Bible doctor or  what quack of Bible  a scholar of the Bible will you quote for your religion? Or will you say to hell with all “quack doctors” and all so called Bible scholars of “Quack.”  For my eternal life I will compare what any so called doctors or Bible scholars have to say but for my eternal life I will make my own search for Bible truth from the most trusted Ancient languages of the Bible on this Ekklesia Bible project site. The Purpose of The Ekklesia Bible project is to reveal who are the doctors and scholars of Bible quackery.