Ekklesia Bible is Translated in the natural Time mode

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Ekklesia Bible is translated only in the natural time mode. Below is showing the difference between the natural occurring Bible solar day when comparing to the sidereal day of the pagan or modern Civil calendar of the seven pagan sky gods of the week days.

Take note The natural solar day is not measured with two separate dark periods like the sidereal (artificial) solar day of the pagan week day Calendar of the seven pagan sky gods.

This Ekklesia Bible translation is fast becoming a popular Bible translation. From all over the entire world we average one hundred visitors every day to the Ekklesia Bible web site.  The world of difference between the true Ekklesia Bible translation and other Bible translation all paganism is remove from the Ekklesia Bible translation.  The entire Bible in the ancient manuscripts is written only in the natural occurring time mode.

Awesome astronomical miracles of God are written only in the natural occurring time mode in parallelisms and these astronomical miracles of God written in time parallels are restored in the Ekklesia Bible translation.  Awesome set time event of the creation astronomical miracles are written into time parallels in the Bible records to convince you that the Bible is from God.  You will see awesome parallelism written restored only in the Ekklesia Bible translation. 

Example of parallelism written in the Bible record.

The awesome moment of astronomical miracle of the creation of the dark and the Universe is an exact time Parallel to the exact resurrection moment of Christ at dusk (Greek epiphosko lighting up the night) of the evening of the natural solar day of Mia Sabbaton (in the sidereal time mode of dusk of Saturday night). The moment of creation and the resurrection moment of the Christ is an exact astronomical miracle of the beginning all night celebration of Pentecost Acts 2:1 and the astronomical miracle of God giving the power of the Holy Spirit to the apostles.

The natural occurring time mode is the way you every day of your life (If you can see) you will keep time with your eyes when you do not have a clock or other instruments to measure time. In the natural occurring time mode the solar day is measured from dusk of the evening with only one revolution of the earth upon it axis.   Natural occurring time is the same method that all sciences use to measure time. Then the natural occurring Ekklesia Bible translation does not disagree with any proven scientific discoveries of the New Information age.   

Natural occurring Bible time begins with the dusk of the dark of the evening because the dark was created before the light.   You will see The Ekklesia Bible translation is most powerful Bible translation and the most convincing Ekklesia Bible is the only Bible in the entire world (that we know of) that correctly translated in the natural occurring time mode.

Take note in the pagan sidereal time mode of the seven pagan sky gods of the week, the solar week days requires two revolutions of the earth upon it axis to get two separate dark periods.  You will see why all science can not accept all Bibles outside the Ekklesia Bible translation that are mistranslated in the sidereal or the artificial time mode of the pagan religion of the sidereal week days of the seven pagan sky gods. 1) The first day of the week is the sky sun god of Sunday. 2) The moon sky god of Monday. 3) The war sky god Tue or Tuesday. 4) The sky war god Woden or Oden of Wednesday. 5) The sky god of thunder weather and crops Thurgan for Thursday.  6) The sky goddess Fria’s or Friday. 7) The sky god Saturn for Saturday, the sky god Saturn kills and eats humans.

The Ekklesia Bible is not mistranslated into the pagan Sidereal time mode of the Pagans seven day week or the seven pagan sky gods.

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