Ekklesia Bible Rejects The Name “Saint.”

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The word “Saint” is manufactured from the Catholic Catechism and the Ekklesia Bible removes all false Catholic Catechism from out of the Ekklesia Bible. The holy Ekklesia of Christ Rejects The False Name “Saint” or the word equivalent the separates Holy People from out of the Ekklesia Bible translation. The Rejects identifying the holy people of God by the name “Christian” to separate Christian from the Holy people of God.

The word equivalent in what Catholics create and teach is a “Saint” is not written just once in the entire Bible. Do you fully understand there is no word equivalent to a person of a “Saint” that divides from other Holy people of God. All people of God have been made sinless or made holy by God and the word equivalent for the pagan word “Saint” is not written just once in the entire Bible. There is no separation of different kinds of the holy people of God.

Christians are being taught that they are not supposed to “debate” over Bible “Words” [see king James 1Tim 6:4) but it is holy messengers of God that are taught to prove every word from the mouth of God (Cor 2:8; 13:5; 1Thess 5:21).

The holy Ekklesia of Christ does not tolerate what is passive but Ekklesia is absolute and aggressive in search for and the established purpose of Ekklesia to protect what truth is.

What did name did God give to his Holy people? He only give the name people and not “Saints” or “Christians?” The words “Saints” and “Christians” are names give to the holy people of God that are not Holy. There is no people of God that are not made sinless or Holy.

It is the false teaching of the Catholic church that divides their “Saints” from their Christians. Does the false teaching of the Catholic church set your understanding for what “A Christian is ” when compared to “what is Saint is?”

The Word for the people of God is called “Holy People” or “Christians”.> The word “Holy People ” is written about three thousand four hundred and seventy times in the ancient languages of the Bible. The word “Christian” is written only three times in the entire Bible. If you truly belong to and worship God which name do you reason God wants you to be called “Holy People” “Saint” or a “Christian?”

Truth may be shocking. Truth is a fact, there is no teaching in the entire Bible that is teaching that any “Christians” will be saved. Truth is, No place in the entire Bible that is found the false Teaching that the blood of Christ will make you a “Christian.” Truth is you can be identified as a hateful unrepentant “Christian” but not a Saint.

What is so strange is most people today who profess to be “Christian” totally reject calling self a “Saint” or a holy set aside person separated by God the Father from the world of other people. I is God that does the separating to make holy or sinless and not man.

The name “Christian” is written only three times in the entire Bible. Because the multitude of the enemy of Christians use the vulgar name to identify a “Christian” as being a person below them so they give the name “Christian” to identify them as being hated in a derogatory name to belittle the person that follows Christ.

The name “Christian” today none Christians have made the name “Christian” more popular than the Bible has made the name of the people of God to only be called “Saints.”

Take note, in the New Testament the word “Christian” is only written in the Bible as a derogatory or vulgar word to show dislike or distain for the actions of the person just because good works together with their wicked works identify the person good or bad that claims to follow Christ. Take note Christian (they who follow Christ) can do wicked works and they can still be identified as a “Christian.” To wear the name Saint the person can do wicked works before others but when they do not repent of their wicked works they are never identified as a Saint. It is easy to see why people choose to be called “Christian” instead of the holy name of a Saint.

Now again take note, over the thousands years the word “Christian” meaning the enemy identifying a person that follows after Christ will use the name “Christian” a blasphemous, derogatory, defaming or a name of disgust for a person that follows Christ. Today the name “Christian” has changed and has become the complete opposite in word definition, then the true meaning of a “Saint.”

Today the vulgar Word “Christian” is understood to be “complimentary” but depending only who is using the word “Christians.” The word Christian used by the enemy of Christians is still revealing hatred and disgust for the person that follows Christ. So the word “Christians” in the twenty-first century is divided and word definition depends on who is speaking and what intent the name “Christian” is being used.

What is the modern expression for a Christian the true word meaning of Christian is determined by who is using the word Christian either those that hate “Christian” or those that like Christians.

The Word definition of a “Saint ” does not depend who is speaking the word Saints. Can you see the world of difference between speaking the word Saint when comparing to speaking the word “Christian.”

Today’s twenty-first century word Christian;
1a : expressing praise or admiration: expressing or containing a compliment only if you like Christians.
B; This expression for a Christian still exist, The hatred for a wicked person that follows Christ, and if the law allow that wicked Christian person should according to pagan law be persecuted, tortured and burned alive at the stake.

So how did the word “Christian” in use today become to some people just the opposite of the word meaning of “a wicked Christian” in the first Century. The old law made to kill the wicked Christian was changed because there became more Christians then the enemies of Christians. People still exist that hate and call those that follow Christ a hated name of a bad person as a “Christian.”

The Teaching of the Catholic church Separated Christians from Saints and made the most wicked Christians that never just once become a Saint but the Catholic church made the wicked Christian saved just like the Saints if they confess their sins to a priest and paid money for their sins. The whole world of Christian follow after the false teaching of the Catholic church but true Saints separate self from the false teaching of the Catholic church.

Not once written in the entire Bible does the vulgar word “Christian” give word meaning of a person that in their works they are showing that they are Holy, in their works from the name a wicked “Christian” The name given by the enemy for a wicked Christian is not describing the same works of the person of a Saint that they are indeed holy, totally separated and set aside as Saints or as the people of God.

Now there is a world of Bible teachers that give a private interpretation of what the vulgar name “Christian” should be. Many give their private interpretation of word definitions for what to them is true word definition for what they think the name “Christian” ought to be.

2Petros 1:20 Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.

To use the word “Christian as the same word meaning as a “saint” is like using words in a society that is politically incorrect. The name “Whore” at one time was socially and politically accepted as a name to describe a wicked prostitute. Today the word “whore” is a vulgar or derogatory word that to use the word “Whore” to describes a prostitute is vulgar a derogatory word with meaning to belittle the person and not necessarily their wicked works and to call others a “whore” is more to put others down only to raise self up over them.

People today that hate Christians, still use the word “Christian” just the same as it was used in the first Century. Today the word whore is politically and socially not to be used to describe a prostitute just to put them down to raise self up. Today the word Whore is Not politically the same for the word “Christian,” the word Christian today is led by the false teaching of the Catholic church and even most “Saints” describe self as a Christian by the word used by the enemy to show disgust for Christians.

We show only what word definition for how the vulgar name “Christians” is used when word definition written in the Bible records.

The word “Christian” is “vulgar” or a name when used has the word meaning for disgust and the name Christian” was used by the enemy to identify disgust and hatred and judgment made for wicked people that identified selves as the holy “Saints” of God. The word Christian was used first by the enemy of the Saints, first in the city of Antioch of Pisida.
When the enemy calls you a wicked Christian, he thinks of you as being evil but when the enemy identifies you as a Saint he can not help to identify you as being a holy separate person belonging to God.

Acts 11:26b The disciples were called Christians first in Antioch. The disciple were called Christians by the enemy of Christians and Christians were never called Christians by other Christian in the Bible.

“Called first in Antioch as “Christians” but who created the name “Christian” God or the devil that hates Christian?

People who hated the Saints called them by using a vulgar (a derogatory or disgusting) name “Christians.”

The word “Christian” is a “vulgar name” used by the enemy of Christians to describe wicked people. Devils or the enemy of Christians used the name Christian to elevate self over the hated “Saints” the enemy thought all Christians were wicked people. The Saints were called Christian only to degrade the Saints of God for what they believe in and follow the teaching of Christ. The Saints of God were degraded by the vulgar name “Christian” by the enemy of Christians to show their disdain for those wicked Christians who follow after Christ.

For the first three hundred years the Saints of God identified others of like mind only as the “Saints of God.”
Catholics call their people by two different names. First those that are wicked Catholics and not so holy are called the “Christians.” To the Catholic church the Saints are a different separate set aside people. You are called a Saint by Catholic only after you are dead and it is proven you were a Saint while you lived on earth. Most all Saints today think like Catholic that they “Christians” and are led to think that a “Christian” is like a wicked member of the Catholic church that never repents of their sins but “pay penance” (money) and confess their sins and they judge that they will still be saved for not repenting of ther sins.

It is amazing how preachers and Bible teachers follow the false teachings of the Catholic church and try to defend the use of the vulgar name “Christian.” Bible words for “Christian” is vulgar name meaning a disgusting person because they follows after the multitude of different true or false teaching of different kinds of a different “Christs.” People give all kinds of word definitions for what a “Christian” is, which name is in the first place is describing some one in the “vulgar” of what is hated and disgusting.

“Christian” written in the Bible, is only a vulgar (a name of disgust) is the only word definition that is given by the enemy and to the enemy a Christian was wicked person and a “Saint of God” to the enemy of the Saint believed that the Saint was an evil person, so the enemy gives the word “Christian” for the word found written only three times in the entire Bible.

Word meaning of Christian is one who makes the Claim to believe and follow any kind of teaching which can be either true or false belief in Christ. Devils make Bible translations and false Bible teaching and false beliefs for the name “Christians” that are in their works they are “Christians” but the person in word meaning is -not necessarily a Holy, separate or set aside person.

A Christians, such as the Catholic church “Christian,” may in their worship and in their works. make pagan worship to a pagan god and this kind of a Christian is no different from the world of pagans yet they are still called “Christian. Not all who call self “Christian” are understood to be holy, separated people of God. The Bible word “Saint” is not the same word meaning as a “Christian.”

The word “Saint” encompass word meaning of a holy separated person, a person and in the word of Saints follow only the instructions written from God, so the works of the Saints set them apart or their works set aside from the world to be made holy or godly. In your mind because you know what the word meaning of the Saint of God is then you may apply that same word meaning to the word Christian. Then you have your own private interpretation for the word “Christian.” The Catholic church separate a Christian from a Saint. A Christian is a saved person but not as holy as a Saint.

To identify the person as a “Saint” which word meaning is the person ” is a holy person.” To identify a person with the vulgar name “Christian” is to remove the works of the individual conduct of the person identified as a Christian is not always a person in works he or she is not in every case a Holy, separated or set aside person.

No one wants to be called “Holy” or a “Saint” because to be holy separated and set aside demands that they must show in conduct of selves a totally separation from the world.

Did God, Christ, the Holy Spirit or Bible writers ever just once in the entire written Bible ever identify the people of God by the vulgar name of the word “Christians.” No not just once in the entire Bible are the people of God identified by God, Christ, the Holy Spirit or any Bible writers naming the people of God as a “Christian.”

The apostle Peter did say if any suffer from (being hated, persecuted and called by the enemy by the vulgar name of) “a Christian” do not be ashamed to be called by the enemy as the vulgar name of a Christian. 1Pet 4:16 Yet if any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God on this behalf.

A none Christian Jew named Agrippa, tells the Apostle Paul you almost persuade me to become one of those hated and persecuted “Christian.”
Acts 26:28 Then Agrippa said unto Paul, Almost you persuades me to be a Christian. Note Agrippa did not say; “Paul you almost you persuade me to become a “Saint” because Agrippa thought Saints that followed Christ were evil or “Christians.”

It is the false teaching of the Catholic church that separates the understanding of the “Saints” from other so called “Christians.” The leaders of the Catholic Church believe only they can make judgment of who is in their works separated “Saints” as more of a “holy person” more forgiven from a lower class “Christian” determined only by the ruling members of the Catholic Church. On rulig members of the Catholic church can make judgment who a better more forgiven person than the works of an unrepentant from sin person or not in all good works makes the person only a “Christian” and not a “Saint.”

Then if you call self by the vulgar derogatory name of “Christian” or if you call others “Christians” you are saying that you are not a Saint and you also separate self and others that in their works have repented from all sin as are more benevolent towards others. If you call self only a “Christian you separate self from being a “Saint.”

When you identify self as a “Christian, you leave out word definition of the sense of being Holy and separate and you as “Christian” separate self form the only ones that in their works as “Saints” of God “The called out” and the word “Saints” speak that they repent from more sins and separate self more from the world and the are by the blood of Christ made more holy than others.

In the day of your judgment before God, which judgment would you prefer to hear? I am judging you in your works as only a “Christian? Or I make judgment of you as one whose works is holy, separated and good works that are set aside from out of the wicked false teaching of only the catholic Christians of the world. Speak where the Ekklesia Bible speaks and to be silent where the Ekklesia Bible is silent.

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