Ekklesia The Only Open Bible Translation

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The Ekklesia Bible is the only Bible translation in the entire world that is ” through warfare of Ekklesia” open for dispute or deliberation in discussions on what is correctly  translated in the free Ekklesia Bible translation.  The most brilliant and intellectual Bible student will migrate to this site and if he or she sees instructions from God that they think may be mistranslated, this is our purpose to make the most perfect and the most trusted Bible translation in the entire world.  Our purpose is, we will hold deliberation on any important subject for our salvation and the entire Ekklesia of Christ will decide how the Ekklesia Bible should be translated.

Do you know why all the most popular Bibles refuse to open their Bible translations for dispute?  In the all the most popular Bible translations they all have something dreadful that is mistranslated in their Bibles that they want to hide and to deceive you. Some false Bible translations will rob you of eternal life. 2 Petros {1:10} Therefore, brethren, give  the more diligence to make your calling and election certain:  for if you do these things, you shall never fail.

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