History of The Word Church

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For the most intelligent Bible student, never in their life time would they believe Bible translators could deceive them so completely with false Bible translations that deceive Bible students with the false name “Church.” The facts about the word “church” is still mistranslate in the twenty first century Bibles and when learning the truth about “church” history is shocking to those who love truth.

Be warned The God of the Bible did not start your “Church.”  Here is the truth in the etymology of the modern word “Church.” The word Church translated in all the most popular translated Bibles is making the claim to be the same word meaning as the Bible word “Ekklesia.  Do not let false Bible translators deceive you, the false translated word “church” is nothing like warfare of the Greek word Ekklesia.

The root of the word “church” is thought by historians to be written first in about 900 BCE, At the First the ancient Greek story teller named “Homer” wrote his Odyssey of Odysseus   some nine hundred years before the coming of the Christ. Homer in his Odyssey about the man named Odysseus he tells of a beautiful witch goddess by the Greek name of “Kirke.”

 As a young child I read the adventures of this book of Odysseus many times. To think I discovered  the name of a witch goddess which name of the witch goddess of Homer named Kirke (or in the Roman Latin the same Greek name of a goddes kirke  is written in  the Latin as the name “Circe”), This fiction of Homer about a witch goddess is the root of the Bible word “Church.” The etymology of the word “Church” is shocking to the roots.

   In this story fiction of Homer, he wrote about a beautiful witch  goddess called  in the Greek as “Kirke” (Kir-key) the daughter of the sun god.

Now take note the very first Bible translation into the English language is made by a member of the Catholic church named Wycliffe. The Catholic Wycliffe Bible will set the Standard for all the most popular Bible translations of the twenty first Century.

  Take note, the Wycliffe Bible is not made from any ancient manuscript of the Bible. The Wycliffe Bible is translation in part from the Catholic Catechism and the Latin Vulgate.  You get the name church in Bible translatios only from the Catholic Catachism and not from any ancient Bible manuscripts.

Words and names of blasphemy found written in the Catholic Catechism is borrowed by Wycliffe and added  to his English Bible translation  that sets the standard today for -all the most popular Bible translations. Wycliffe translated for the Greek word Ekklesia, The Greek word for the Greek goddess of sexual fertility and round things is the name  “Chirche” or pronounce in English as “Kirke.”

See this false Bible translation by Wycliffe.

18 And Y seie to thee, that thou art Petre,

      And I  say to  you, that  you are Petre

and on this stoon Y schal bilde my chirche,

and on this stone I   shall  build my Kirke

 and the yatis of helle schulen not haue miyt   ayens  it.

and the gates of hell   shall    not  have might against it

Note “against” the object of an  “it” meaning more at a church building or the Catholic  sacred house of worship.

Now take note,  members of the Catholic church will fight to their death for their pagan  word Church and  make all kinds of argument to tey and protect church.  To stop the argument dead in their traxks  is the church at the first is a only  building made with the apse. All Catholic church buildings are made with the pagan aspe the same as the holy round building of the goddes Circe.   The same round  building of the goddess circe the ancient Catholic make round buildings with the apse.  The only differnce is the Ape of the goddes circe face the worshippers to the west and the apse of the Catholic church face to the4 rigin of the sun god on sunda to the east.

To translate gender inclusive  the Greek word “Ekklesia” is feminine then the correct translations must read the Gates of hell shall not have might against “her.”  To translate “her” as for the name of a witch goddess “Kirke” or “Circe” would be a “dead giveaway” of paganism in such a false Bible translation with the word “Chirche.”

 Over the centuries The same Greek goddess Kirke or the Roman Latin Circe evolved to become a goddess of sexual fertility, circles and round Things.

Constantine must have been a worshipper of the goddess “Circe” because Constantine that started the Catholic church made buildings he named “Circe.” Some of the “Circe” Buildings made for worship still stand to this day.