Note This False Bible Translation

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Ephesians 2:7-8

Works of any kind good or bad do not make self unsaved.


This web site “” has a similar debate web site.

On this web site “” the Atheist and Bible Agnostic overwhelming fill this web site and they with clever stragatey are winning when they invite the Christian to polemic debate. They give this invitation to debate “There is no empirical evidence for the existence of God.” Empirical evidence is the information received by means of the senses, particularly by observation and documentation of patterns and behavior through experimentation. The term comes from the Greek word for experience, ἐμπειρία (empeiría). It is like a group of workers sitting at lunch debating the human existence. One young man questions how can we know we actually do exist life could very well be only an imagination. A fellow works get up and go over to the young man and slaps him on the face are you now convinced that I exist, drawing his hand back and said, if you say “no” I will give you another slap. The young man quickly said you made your point you do exist.  Only when there is immediate pain for rejecting truth, unbelievers that hate truth will reject as any evidence given as what is the obvious truth.

 You must learn the Ekklesia Bible translation and only with this true Bible translation you can completely destroy the false teaching of the Atheist and the Bible agnostic. The Ekklesia Bible translation restores the power of God to convince to the Bible record.

We appeal to you for help. We do not ask for you money we aks for your participation in this project and God will surely bless you in whatever you can do to help.  We know you are busy. You have just given us good news we can get hosted The Ekklesia Bible from our same web sites. If this work of  the Ekklesia Bible translation, then you have no idea what you will be doing to help bring the Ekklesia Bible translation to the entire Christian world that will unite together every living Saint.

Unless you follow what we have already promoted in our teaching on our web sites you have no idea what we over the last thirty years on web sites have already done to help to start to bring the entire Christian world together.

The main purpose of Ekklesia Bible translation project is to unite the billions of professing Christians world wide.  There are thousands of Bibles with thousands of false Bible translations.  In the entire world there is no Ekklesia Bible or peoples Bible, A Holy translated Bible that is determined only by the true purpose of the God established Ekklesia of Christ.

What we are trying to do is to establish a world wide competition to discover what truth is to translate only truth into the Ekklesia Bible;

1) Make a New world Bible translation called The Ekklesia Bible.    The alternate name of this Bible is called “The Bible.”  Because  we will first start with one of the best translated Bible in the world is from the American Standard translation -Now a free Public domain Bible)/  We then invite university Bible scholars world wide to tell us where this Bible is mistranslated and why it is mistranslated then allow the people to read what is being deliberated and the entire people of professing Christians in the world will vote to decide, similar to a impaneled Juror, that determines law in a court trial. The majority vote for the best Bible translation.  

Then on a different Page we will conduct Ekklesia on what the Bible is teaching doctrine (instructions from God). The same method the people will read the disputed doctrine and then vote to determine who is teaching truth.

I am showing you the web site that has the free domain Bible I have now downloaded.  from this site  for the Free Download the American Standard Bible (public domain). I have downloaded this Free domain Bible and already have begun to make the revisions that I know is needed to better understand truth of the original Bible record. 

In this revision of the Bible we will not be able to use their speak MP3=Sound Bible  from this free site

 I an now ninety one years old and I  may not be around later,  but in years to come I believe you can make the changes in revision to make a MP3 Speaking Bible once the present better Bible translations have been settled.

This new Bible translation is a free online Bible the name is “The Ekklesia Bible”.

No one has all knowledge or no one has the ability to understand all the ancient languages of the Bible more than anyone else.   All professing Christians similar to a jury in a court can read the evidences or proofs and then make judgment and vote for or against any Bible verse translation of this Bible -after learning truth of Bible translations from those who are the most educated minds of the ancient languages of the Bible.     

It is a troubling fact that most all Bibles in English are translated purposely to promote certain religious bias or idiosyncrasies. Most new or old translated Bibles remove any written doctrine (instruction from God) that contradicts their church doctrine in Bible translation. When the devils in churches make Bible translations to promote their church doctrines the make a world of contradictions in their translated Bible records

  Take note of this apparent false Bible translation that contradicts hundreds of other Bible translations in the same Bible.

King James Ephesians 2:8  For by grace are you saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: 9  Not of works, lest any man should boast.

Ekklesia Bible Ephesians 2: 8  For by grace are you saved through faith; and that [faith of God is] not of yourselves: it [faith] is the gift of God:

9  [the gift of faith is given] Not of works, lest any man should boast.

Wicked Bible Tran 8  For by grace are you saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.

Wicked Bible translators twist the dependant clause to teach the give of God is Saved without good or bad “works” of any kind to make hundred of Bible contradictions and they make this record appear to teach that the dependant clause is on the word “saved.”   Then without the need to obey God and to only do good works God will save you.  Think seriously if we are not saved by Works of any kind then we are not made -unsaved by works of any kind. The false Bible translations are teaching wicked unrepented works will not make self unsaved because wicked sins are works and devils make Bible translations to teach that works of any kind do no have anything to do with salvation.

This The Ekklesia Bible is the peoples Bible determined by the people to be the best Bible translation in the entire Christian world.  We believe we need such a Bible that will put an end to the multiple thousands of completely opposing Bible translations that now is a part of what is dividing us billions of people who profess to be Christians.

1)  This free online Bible is to be called “The Ekklesia Bible” which is “The Peoples Bible.”

2) This free online Bible will need a search engine with a data base.

3)  This free Ekklesia Bible should be separated into Old and New Testaments.

4)  This Bible will be a forever Bible for every one and a Bible owned by and for all professing Christians for all times. We will copy right the Name Ekklesia Bible and In time to come this Bible will be translated into every language of the entire world as their Ekklesia Bible. No one can copy or change the copyright translation of this free revised The Ekklesia Bible made only by the Saints for the Saints of the Ekklesia.

5) The free Ekklesia Bible is originally from what has been deliberated by scholars and voted today by the people to be the best Bible translation from the old American Standard  Bible (now Public Domain).  This Old American Standard is voted by the scholars to be today’s best Bible translation to revise for the Ekklesia Bible translation. 

6)  Anyone will be able to down load this Bible revision for free the public domain “The Ekklesia Bible.”

7)  Given At the end of the book of Revelation is the translator’s evidence of proof giving reasons for a better translations of certain Bible verses from the original America Standard Bible in English.

7)  Anyone with a free licenses can copy, print, sell or propagate for free The Ekklesia Bible.

8)  Bible scholars from all over the entire world are invited come to this site, and give their help in this Bible translation or volunteer to give their university credentials, or other professional reason they think they can translate a better translation , and for free give their better translated version of any verse in this free online The Ekklesia Bible. There is no room in deliberation for rhetoric.  Anyone who deliberates for a better translation will be given only one page or a certain amount of type space to make his or her argument.   Once there is a dispute about any one translated verse, the translators will deliberate before the entire world of Ekklesia and the people will vote who they believe to be giving the best Bible translation of any particular Bible verse.    

9) Any verse of this Ekklesia Bible is to be open for deliberation to restore to the extreme any dispute that is believed to be a false or not a good Bible translation of any verse. 

Whoever wishes to deliberate for or against any Bible translations must first sign in their email address create their own their password and then we suggest they give qualifications to translate this Bible verse. They will  need to give evidence or proof the reason they believe their Bible translation is a better translation.  Then we will create a hyperlink number is made at the end of the revised verse to give the general description of the Bible translator, any proof why any particular verse of this Bible is not translated correctly. Then the people will read the evidence of their educated reasoning and then judge for either a -Better translation or -it would not be a better translation. 

10)  A hyperlink will be added at the end of all revised verses, date will be indicated, with hyperlink showing who, what , proofs in the need for revision of any particular verse.

11) All who sign in can vote one time true or false on any one verse that has been revised.   Once the revision of any verse is voted as a Better Bible translation, the revised translations voted the best will be on top and considered a part of the original Bible, after one year from the date of deliberation on any verse the original translation becomes the alternate version or the most voted and New Bible translation of that verse.

12) Sometime there may be more than one revision of a particular version of just one verse, then the  number of votes showing the most believable Bible translation becomes the best translation after voting has been allowed for one year after revision.

13)  Anyone who signs in giving their e-mail address  and qualifications and any proofs can show the reason why they have a better Bible translation for any particular verse(s)

14)  Then the site is created to allow anyone to give their email and create their own Password to sign in and vote one time to support or deny any better Bible translation on any disputed Bible verse.

15) The original Bible translations will be on the above  line, with the alternate better translations voted on below until the one year of voting by Ekklesia is up.

Here is  just one New Testament Example Luke chapter 14. Christ gives a narrative of eating bread in a supper made by the master in the Kingdom of God.

a) Most Bibles translate verse 17  And sent his servant at supper time to say to them that were bidden, Come; for all things are now ready.

A better translations reads 17  And sent his servant at supper hour [see Strong’s Bible Greek word number  5610 wra  hora ho’-rah English hour] to say to them that were bidden, Come; for all things are now ready.

 (1) I believe just as is written exactly word for word, the Supper “hour” is more specific time to come to supper than then at a supper time.  Anyone is allowed to make a negative rebuttal to the above translation.  Then the people decide by a vote.

a) Old Testament Example a false Bible translation {12:2} This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you.

b) A Better revised translation Example {12:2} This moon [see Strong’s Hebrew word number 2320 chodesh kho’- desh or moon] shall be unto you the beginning of moons: its shall be the first moon of the repetition to you.

The cycles of the moon year is adjusted each year to the dark of the moon nearest to the vernal equinox.

c) voting hyperlink here)  (vote Yes or  vote no 

d) (another hyperlink showing Translators, name, university or credentials if any and proof of why  a better translation of the Verse. 

My self description I am a  Bible Student of the ancient languages for over forty years. Why the word “Month is a false Bible translation of the Hebrew word “chodesh.  Any half  a brain nit wit knows the “Moon” is an entirely different entity from that of the “Sun.” Ask most any four year old child knows the difference between the sun and the moon.    The word “Month” is an artificial measure of solar (sun) cycles of weeks and the modern solar cycles of the week of the “month” today has nothing to do with the lunar (moon) cycles of the Hebrew word chodesh or the lunar or  moon calendar of the Bible. Even some Bible dictionaries give this plain stupid word definition for the  Hebrew Chodesh or Moon as being the same as the evolved artificial measure of the solar Month.  We do not live three hundred years ago when the ancient English “Mona” or word “Month” was understood to be the “moon.”  The modern artificial measure of the “month” has nothing to do with the moon or the ancient lunar Calendar of the Bible. Then to add the word Month to the Bible record is just plain stupid and completely scrambles the entire message of the lunar calendar.  Adding to the Bible record the artificial time and the word month (or week) scrambles understanding the exact lunar day of the death, burial and the change from the lunar calendar to the solar calendar record of the resurrection moment of the Christ.

16)  For one year the proposed corrected or better translation will be on the line below the original  with the people  Voting for  (709) or against (2).

16)  Bible translations should never be set in concrete.  If after one year of the most voted translation the above corrected Bible translation becomes The revised Ekklesia Bible (without any of  the original or any others as the alternate).  This is an open Bible and any verse can be revised again and again at any time according to vote the true understanding made by the majority of the People’s Bible. Over time this free The Ekklesia Bible or the peoples Bible will become the Standard Bible for the entire Christian world.

If you have read to this point -what do you think?  I have never ask for money. Once this Bible and Ekklesia debate forum gets started world wide, we can start asking for donations to pay for the time creating and promoting the site. If I am correct and we conduct this site to make most all Christians want to come to this site, it should become near half as big as wickipedia.

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