Make Debates That Determine Truth in the Ekklesia Bible translation.

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Make the best Proposition for debate/ The proposition that is best defined is half won. Example of a good proposition; “Christ Did Not Lie.” Some sixty years ago My proposition for my first debate against false Bible translations. Who would be so foolish to debate that “Christ did lied.” Believe it some did but in debate they easily lost the majority in these debates because who would believe that Christ lied.

Come and Investigate us Look first at our  logo.  Competition in hot militant warfare made against the gates of hell is established by our God and this is our logo. This Ekklesia Bible project is completely open for dispute and deliberation and we promise we will abide by decisions made by the Entire Ekklesia what are true Bible translaions.


   Come and Investigate us and the continual warfare of the only Ekklesia established by the God of the Bible.  In our life an in worship to God, our purpose the conduct in some things we believe is totally different for all churches in the entire world.


In Bible translated truth we are  nothing like any and all Churches started by the Catholic church. We purpose we in no parts of our worship is pagan as is the most popular Catholic Bible translations.   The God of the Bible did not start anything like passive churches and the worship made first by pagans and paganism is promoted in worship  in all the most popular translated Bibles..  We purpose to restore truth and  not to any part pagan.  We suggest you spend some time reading the Ekklesia Bible translations and if you can see any Bible instructions from God that you think is mistranslated the be our friend and make your dispute and enlighten us in your understanding of the ancient languages of  the Bible.


In this Ekklesia Bible project, We make the bold claim to restore power to the gospel of Christ that will convince the student the Bible is from God. When other Bible translations teach that Christ appears to have lied,  we show truth very clear that our Lord and Christ did not lie  and  in translating the Ekklesia Bible correctly to proves that Christ fulfilled prophecy precisely to the letter that he is the son of the living God.



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The little word “if” is the world greatest most valuable word that qualifies. “If” there is any value to a true Bible translation, then to the true believer the true value of the free Ekklesia Bible translation is the most precious and of more value to the Saints then all the gold in and on the planet earth.

Think of the Ekklesia Bible as your favorite, think of it for the Gold medalist in an Olympic medals sweep of greatest of prizes of all Bible translations a pearl of great price.

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