The Agape Loving Ekklesia Is Not A “Cult”

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Truth in reality is; if there are devils in the world and you are not a devil all the devils will accuse you of being a Cult. If you are a true Ekklesia and nothing like a  Church then all the churches will accuse you of being a cult. If one church is different in doctrine than another church that both churches will accuse one another of being a cult.

The word “cult” is the derivative from astronomy meaning to  to beautiful lighting up to truth but then occult to the off into the horror of the unseen dimension of the teaching of the dark side. 

The world is filled with thousands of Cults. The world it’s self is nothing more than just a “cult.” A cult is anything that as in astronomy that occult’s truth as light on and lies as being “off” in the dark side.

Agape loving “Ekklesia” is not of the world and not a “church” so that makes the “Ekklesia” to the world and to different from Churches and if you are not a “church” you become to all  churches just a “Cult.

If you are politically different from the world then politically the Ekklesia of Christ to the world is just another “cult” to the world the lives only in the dark.

    “There exists this happy God agape loving Ekklesia group of people the world hates and identifies them as a “cult.” “Agape” meaning their God commands the Ekklesia of Christ must create from the seat of their emotions a genuine benevolent care for the welfare of their God and for everyone else (even for their enemies).

This so called “Ekklesia must be a cult” even worships the God of creation so this makes this group a bad “cult” to dark of the world

The God of this so called “cult” has Bible written laws and this  politically “crazy cult” actually loves to obey these written laws because it pleases the Ekklesia to please their God.  The Entire world hates this agape loving “cult” because  the live morally different  so  they can go to the place where they believe that they will go after they die.

The world hates this Ekklesia or what the churches and the world identify as a “cult” and after death they world and the churches will not qualify to go o the same place where the Ekklesia “cult” thinks they will go (unless the world and churches become moral and stay a part of this Ekklesia “cult.”

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