Ekklesia A Bible Translation You Can Trust

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For your salvation Be wise in your choice of Bible translations.

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Here is why You can trust only the Ekklesia Bible Translation.

Why do you reason in all the most popular Bible translations, the name of warfare through “Ekklesia” has been change by devils to become the blasphemous name of a passive “Church?”  First read this first Bible translation made by member of the Catholic church John Wycliffe. This is a Catholic Bible translation. The year is about 1385 CE. The source of this Bible translation is from the Catholic Catechism and the Latin Vulgate.  The Source is not from any ancient manuscripts of the Bible. Many words of blasphemy are taken directly from the Catholic Catechism and is written into the Wycliffe Bible. These same names of blasphemy are written today in all your most popular Bible translations. Do you fully understand what was just stated?

Wycliffe Bible translation  Mat 16-18

18 And Y seie to thee, that thou art Petre,

And I  Say to thee, that thou art Peter


and on this stoon Y schal bilde my chirche, (pronounced the name of the goddess “Kirke”)

and on this stone   I   shall build my church


and the yatis of helle schulen not haue miyt ayens  it.

and the gates of hell  shall    not have might against it

Note The words building of a  “Church” is the object of an  “it” or a church building.


Look carefully at this Ekklesia Bible made in “Dynamic Equivalent” or a “thought for thought” translation.

Matthew {16:13} Now when Y’ehsus came into the parts of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, saying, Who do men say that the Son of man is? {16:14} And they said, Some [say] John the Immerser [in water]; some, Elijah; and others, Yeremiah, or one of the prophets. {16:15} He said unto them, But who say you that I am? {16:16} And Simon Petros [The Small Stone] answered and said, you are the Christ, the Son of the living God.  {16:17} And Y’ehsus answered and said unto him, Blessed are you, Simon  son of-Jonah: for flesh and blood has not revealed it unto you, but my Father who is in heaven. {16:18} And I also say unto you, that you are Petros [the Small Stone]  but in [me] this Petra [the unconquerable mountain fortress], I will edify [the court of] my Ekklesia; and [in the life or death warfare] the gates of Hades shall not prevail against her.

{16:19} I will give unto you [my Ekklesia] the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and what ever you [my Ekklesia] shall bind on earth [shall be what] is already bound in heaven; and what ever you shall loose on earth shall be what is loosed in heaven.

Devils with a passion hate the very thought of the true Bible word “Ekklesia.” Devils with a greater passion hate the true word definition for what the Ekklesia does to protect truth. When there exist the conduct of Ekklesia, Devils can not translate lies into the Bible records without some one make a dispute and the disputed is deliberated before the entire assembly of the Ekklesia and the people make the decisions that it is the devil Making false Bible translations.  It is the warfare of the Ekklesia that will prove it is devils that are  trying to deceive the people through their false Bible translations.


Devils hate the established Ekklesia of Christ because the court of the Ekklesia is made with the purpose to stop the false teaching of all lies. When you say the word “Ekklesia” you make mention of the great hot militant warfare being made to determine what truth is. Truth in Ekklesia is the decisions made by all the people and  not by one person or not by a select few.  All the Saints of God the people of God are the Ekklesia and all the Ekklesia make the decision for what truth is in true Bible translations.




Devils that make false bible translations and devils that teach false doctrine (Instructions that are making the claim to be from God), with a passion they hate what God has established for His  Ekklesia to stop false teaching.


When there are more devils than there are more lovers of truth, the warfare of Ekklesia that is established by God is stopped and when Ekklesia is stopped then the passive churches begin to rule.


The reasons you can trust the Ekklesia Bible translation is this Bible translation is open for dispute and is confirmed only through the fire made only through the warfare of the Ekklesia.


The Ekklesia Bible translation is made for the person that can not read.

God Has Established Ekklesia for You Who Do Not Read the translated Bible or can not read the ancient languages of the Bible. Do not overlook this important fact for your salvation.


With What kind of mind do you choose to believe in Bible translations?

Are you an avid reader?  Are you an avid analytical reader? Do you have problems reading and understanding any translated Bible?


My nephew and others I have heard to say; “I get the most painful headache when I try to read anything for very long.” Some say I just can not begin to understand what I am reading when I read the King James Bible translation.


The King James Bible was made in the poetic Shakespearian language. King James Bible translation is written in a dialect of the English that was never a spoken language. How stupid to make such a Bible translation that only the most intellectual reader can understand a Bible translation that is not made so the average reader can understand what he or she is reading. The people that cannot read and understand a Bible translation become dependant on other people for learning salvation.


The Ekklesia Bible is made by all the people so that you do not have to read the Bible when all the majority that can read agree on the instruction from God determined through conduct of Ekklesia.


Now here is the facts that If you are not an avid analytical reader of the Bible and if you do not confirm your Bible translations from first learning and then reading the ancient languages of the Bible, then you must depend on some one else to read the ancient languages of the Bible for you.


When you choose not to learn the ancient languages of the Bible, so then for your salvation you must learn the instructions from God from someone else to make your Bible translation for you.


Believe it you are warned everywhere in the Bible that, Disciples of Devils make false Bible translations. Disciples of the devil love to be a passive church but the devils hate with a passion to allow Ekklesia because the warfare of Ekklesia will reveal to the people that they are devils trying to deceive the people of God.


If you must depend on someone else to interpret the ancient languages of the Bible for you, then know this for a fact that the person or the persons that is interpreting your Bible translation just may not be honest in making their Bible translations. Without the warfare of Ekklesia how will you ever know that you do or do not have an honest Bible translation?


Now take note the answer to this question,  is your Bible translation made only through the established court of the Ekklesia of Christ? Is your Bible translations open for continual dispute? Is all important disputes about any instructions from God allowed to be deliberated before the entire Ekklesia.  Then through deliberation Are all disputes about your Bible translations made before all the Saints. Through deliberation before all the people that demand learning only truth through conduct of Ekklesia, Does The majority of the Saints in your Bible translations decide through the established  Ekklesia all your Bible translations for truth needed for your eternal salvation?


Hear the words of Christ.

John {4:22} you worship that which you know not: we worship that which we know; for salvation is [written] from the Jews. {4:23} But the hour comes, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and truth: for such does the Father seek to be his worshippers. {4:24} God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship in spirit and truth.


Ekklesia is the only method established by God to make the true and most trusted Bible translation.


Will your most popular Bible translations allow the entire Ekklesia to make dispute on any important Bible translations and allow before all to deliberate any dispute to make true Bible translation for your salvation?


Here take careful note, the God of the Bible has made Ekklesia for you who do not read the ancient languages of the Bible or can not read the Bible.


Bible translations are made by humans and you know this for a fact that most humans are not honest. If you do not make an honest effort to discover that you have an honest Bible translation how can you ever have hope to be saved by truth when knowing for a fact that most humans that you know the majority are dishonest.


A person with free will has a choice to choose to direct the mind and choose the direction to adventure of the mind. Our minds are not created all the same and we do not all choose to direct our mind to go in the same direction.


Here is how the Devils can deceive you.   In just two days ago I had an online discussion with a preacher that has a great following of People. On his web site he has his written articles publicly telling people that the God of his Bible has forgiving all your continual un-repented sins and just send him your money and you will be saved. This preacher has left a space at the bottom of his articles for comments from his readers.  There is a long list of comments that love and all comments agree with this false teaching of this wicked preacher.


Not one person made just one comment in the comment section that disagreed with this devil in his false teaching of the Bible.  All comments are only allowed to be seen only after the preacher first reads the comment and if the comment is clearly giving book chapter and verse showing without a doubt that the preacher is lying in his false teaching. This devil preacher is not going to allow his readers to see what truth is. He deleted my comment and the devil did not allow his followers to see my rebuke.  The devil Bible teachers will never allow what God has established as Ekklesia to show who are they that are translating false Bibles and teaching lies to deceive the Saints.


This preacher wrote me back saying   I cannot let you tell my people what you believe the Bible is teaching. “His people” will never know that I severely rebuke the wicked preacher for his false teaching.


The Devils that preach and teach how to be saved will never allow conduct of Ekklesia to decide what truth is. I sent a comment to his followers to rebuke the preaching telling lies to deceive his followers but they never got the message because there is no Ekklesia allowed by this wicked preacher.   Devils will never allow the established Ekklesia of Christ to determine truth in Bible teaching, For your eternal salvation choose only a group that are the established Ekklesia of Christ a group that in Bible translations and in bible teaching is open for dispute and deliberation to determine what truth is.

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